Reisebericht von Aristide

Reisebericht von Aristide

Aus paris (Frankreich) als kauffrau für transport und logistik zusatz qualifikation logistik assisttentin bei Heppner


Welche Aufgaben wurden Dir in der Abteilung übertragen und entsprachen sie Deinen persönlichen Vorstellungen?

It is therefore with the desire to apprehend a new trade in international trade that I choose this internship at Heppner. I wanted to have concrete experience and gain knowledge of the freight forwarder business.
This internship was up to my expectations, I have indeed acquired technical skills in the field of freight accounting and Overseas transit, but I also developed a capacity to withstand the pressure - by better time management and priorities - a rigor and a spirit of initiative. This experience will bring me another facet ahead of the "transit" than that of operator or operational as I was internship, through this new task of responding to the tenders of exporters and creation shipping quotes.
I was fortunate to be able to discuss freely with my managers and my colleagues about the possible obstacles that we were frequently faced with but also the useful little tips. Interpersonal skills were excellent and the work atmosphere very pleasant.

Wo hast du gewohnt und wie bist Du mit Deinen Mitbewohnern klar gekommen?

i lived around 60km far from paris in melun in an apartment of 35 square meter which cost me 680 per month all inclusive, with the furniture washing machine ect ...was very clean t i had enough space.
the neighbors were very kind and helpful

Wie hast Du Dich durch das Praktikum im Ausland weiterentwickelt?

These stays spent in Paris were a largely positive and very rewarding experience. The greatest contribution of these long stays abroad was to live in total immersion and to rub shoulders not only with the local inhabitants but also the students.
The contact with so many different people had a positive influence on me and without realizing it, I changed some habits that I had. By discovering other habits, other ways of thinking, we come to modify his own.
I did not encounter any difficulties during these stays. Maybe because French is my mother language.
Regarding my professional project, this internship has strengthened my desire to work abroad.


  • Regarding my professional project, this internship has strengthened my desire to work abroad.
  • the discovery of a new country, a new mentality is for me very attractive and allows to open the mind.
  • A work day starts around 08 und 09 o clock and finish early
  • the work week is 35h. we do not need to peak our check-in and check-out times
  • The lunch breaks are reduced to the average of 1h30



  • Life is very expensive in Paris
  • The non-respect of the rules on the part of the French is a daily newspape
  • see cars do not let pedestrians cross, whether there is a passage or not and regardless of the color of the fire.



  • Ich habe vor Ort ca. 400-500 € zusätzlich ausgegeben.
  • Verständigungsprobleme mit den Einheimischen vor Ort: selten
  • Ich würde immer wieder gern noch einmal fahren.